VIP StarNetwork Medical Group

A direct purchase health management program offered to film professionals and their cast and crew members. Patients, especially those away from their home and regular physicians, are continually faced with limited access to quality or consistent healthcare. This can lead to overall dissatisfaction within your production teams.



2019 Nm Living


People who are constantly away from home and their regular doctors continually face limited access to quality or consistent healthcare. At VIP StarNetwork they are revolutionizing how the film industry offers healthcare benefits and increases healthcare access.

2019 Nm Film & Media Conference


“Giving New Mexico residents and students access to film educators and the Unions that work with the film industry here is a vital part of helping to connect our residents with the tools they need to work in our thriving entertainment industry,” said Todd Christensen, New Mexico Film Office Director.

2018 SFIFF

2018 SFIFF

The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival invests in the advancement of independent, innovative, and cutting edge cinema bringing 5 days of excellence in filmmaking to the inclusive and diverse community of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Big Sky Voices


Well known orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Josh Carothers, and Johonniuss Chemweno, president of Inverse Medical (noted as one of New Mexico’s fastest-growing companies) are developing a new concept for actors and movie producers. This concept could well be one of the most significant changes in both medical service and actor safety to come upon the industry in years.

2019 KRQE

2019 KRQE

Vip Star Network is an exclusive, local program - revolutionizing the film industry- offering healthcare to cast and crew who are working in New Mexico. Our physicians, your healthcare - On call and on set.

2018 KOAT

2018 KOAT

The owner of Inverse Medical wants to offer medical services in rural areas for actors and crew members.