Events Testing

VIP's COVID-19 Testing Protocol for Compliance at Events




Q ~ Am I qualified?

  • A ~ You are qualified to register if you responded to an RSVP for an event where VIP StarNETWORK is providing COVID-19 Testing.
  • Q ~ How do I register?
  • A ~ Go to our secure VIP Dendi Portal and sign up, then go to your email to finish the activation.
  • Q ~ What will I need to provide?
  • A ~ Registration requires the following
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Mobile #
    • Gender, Ethnicity, Race (optional)
    • Address
    • Option to add Dependents
    • Email and Password to create a personal login to retrieve your secure testing results
    • Uploaded photo proof of approved CDC COVID-19 Vaccine
    • Select Other for adding an image of your COVID-19 Vaccine card – please ignore the Insurance options.
  • Q ~ What happens if I cannot register myself or do not have access to email?
  • A ~ We can handle your registration for you at the event. Just show up at the testing time and our team will take care of it with you. 

  • Q ~ Where and when do I show up to be tested?
  • A ~ You should have received information regarding when and where to appear for testing. Please arrive early if possible so we can securely test all attendees in time for the event.
  • Look for our VIP StarNETWORK lab technicians in the COVID-19 testing room of the event. 
  • Q ~ What do I need to bring?
  • A ~ Your government-issued ID so we can verify your identity and ensure proper registration before administering the test.
  • If you did not yet register, you must also bring proof of your COVID-19 vaccine so we can register you.
  • Q ~ How long does it take?
  • A ~ After you have registered, the testing process is a simple nose swab completed in moments. Results are usually shared within an hour or less.
  • Q ~ What if I mailed back an early test?
  • A ~ See the Results section at the right for more info.
  • Q ~ How do I register a minor? 
  • A ~ The system allows you to register a dependent.
  • Q ~ How do I get my results?
  • A ~ After you receive a “Negative” test result on the day of the event, you will receive a wristband to show to the gatekeeper at the venue.
  • For early PCR testing, you should receive an email with your test results from “”.
  • You can log into our secure VIP Dendi Portal to view your results.
  • Q ~ What do I do with my results?
  • A ~ After you have received a “Negative” COVID-19 Test Result, you can pick up an entry wristband in order to be admitted into the venue.
  • Q ~ What if I get a Positive test result?
  • A ~ If you test “Positive” for COVID-19, you cannot enter the venue and must please immediately exit the area for everyone’s safety. Please adhere to all quarantine guidelines for your location. You may not be retested that day.
  • Q ~ Are my results confidential?
  • A ~ Yes. Only select members of the venue will be alerted to a positive result.
  • Q ~ Can I show a Negative test result from another test provider?
  • A ~ Yes.
  • Q ~ If I got an early PCR test and received a Negative result via email, do I need to pick up a Negative wristband at the testing site?
  • A ~ Yes. We request all attendees pick up a Negative wristband at the testing site to give to the gatekeeper at the entrance of the venue.

  • Q ~ What if I have more questions?
  • A ~ Our team is on standby ready to help – you can email us at