Johonniuss Chemweno is the CEO of Inverse Medical, where he has devoted his career in healthcare services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and patient services. He has extensive experience in strategic sales, business development, regulatory, manufacturing, health insurance, and complex healthcare transactions. His recent activities include patient services in the post-acute environment, health insurance regulatory, and surgical implants by selling products and services to hospitals. In addition to the everyday services and products sold in the consumer marketplace, he is working with manufacturers, physician groups, health insurers, public officials, and the State Legislator to implement DevicePath™.

Johonniuss is the primary director and source for marketplaces that require specific attention to increase healthcare access and innovation to rural and under-served markets, including many New Mexico cities such as Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Farmington, Taos, Carlsbad, Silver City, to the Albuquerque Metropolitan Districts and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Department and industry. This encompasses the regulatory and legislative environment, and how political theatre and State Governments play a major role in our healthcare decisions.                      

Johonniuss also has founded and co-founded other private and non-profit organizations and looks to support the New Mexico community in capacities such as The Albuquerque Economic Advisors, Healthcare Insurance Firms, New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration, in addition to supporting a wide range of physician groups, hospitals, and nursing associations. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enjoys time with his family, hiking, sports, and cycling.

B.A., University of New Mexico, 2008

Major: Political Science, Minor: Sociology

  • Sponsor For America, Non-Profit: 501-C (Non Profit Organization)
  • Inverse Medical, Inc., Founded in 2012
  • CoreGene Advisors, LLC., Founded in 2014
  • Golden Sky Management, Founded in 2017
  • VIP StarNETWORK LLC., Founded in 2018