Locum Event Paramedic

Hamad Medical Corporation Qatar


Locum Event Paramedics are responsible for the delivery of emergency pre-hospital medical care at the scene of an illness or injury. They are also responsible for undertaking a comprehensive, holistic systematic paramedic assessment, in order to determine the needs, concerns, problems, issues, and/or diagnosis that serve as a basis for patient care. The Locum Event Paramedic is part of a wider emergency pre-hospital care team, and whilst expected to be clinically competent to practice as a sole provider with the patient, they are also expected to operate as part of a team delivering care when required.  The duties of a Locum Event Paramedic are delivered in an out of hospital environment related to the cover of events. Candidates should be comfortable conducting their duties in such a temporary/out of hospital environment. Further they will be required to work on flexible shift basis for the duration of the event and will be assigned to a specific event location, but may be reassigned as the event progresses.


Education / Qualifications Required

  • BSc Nursing degree (and holding home country license as a nurse)
  • Anesthetic Technician (diploma or degree) (and holding home country license as an Anesthetic Technician)
  • BSc Nursing degree and EMT-B qualification


Experience Required

  • Minimum  2 years of experience working as an Ambulance Paramedic or as a Nurse in Emergency / Critical Care. The current experience has to be in ER or ICU or as Ambulance Paramedic.
  • Paramedic one of the following countries: Philippines, India, Tunisia, Jordan
  • Minimum of one episode of clinical practice experience (paid employment or voluntary) in one of the following areas: Public events, Religious events, Cultural events, Sporting tournaments, Music concerts, Political rallies or events, Cruise Ship, Military Environment and Expedition or Similar



Valid and in a good Standing License in current country practicing as a Paramedic


Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Undertakes a comprehensive, holistic systematic paramedic assessment involving the patient, family and other healthcare providers, as appropriate, in order to determine the needs, concerns, problems, issues, and/or diagnosis that serve as a basis for patient care 
  • Maintains and demonstrates clinical competence in all aspects of patient care.
  • Administers medications and therapies in a safe, timely and effective manner in accordance with  Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service (HMCAS) Standard Operating Procedures and Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Attends to emergency/crisis situations calmly and effectively.
  • Instigates and evaluates patient care as indicated by patient’s clinical needs.
  • Initiates, develops and terminates therapeutic relationships with individuals through the use of appropriate communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrates cultural competence across patient groups.
  • Consistently communicates relevant, accurate and comprehensive information in verbal, written and electronic forms in a timely manner to ensure the delivery of safe, competent and ethical care.
  • Works with others to affect change and produce positive outcomes through the sharing of knowledge of the individual and/or the situation.
  • Participates in building consensus or resolving conflict in the context of patient care.
  • Practices according to the Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service Code of Professional Conduct.