Locum Critical Care Paramedic

Hamad Medical Corporation Qatar


Locum Event Critical Care Paramedics are responsible for the delivery of emergency pre-hospital critical care at the scene of an illness or injury and then on the journey to a healthcare facility. They are also responsible for undertaking a comprehensive, holistic systematic assessment, in order to determine the needs, concerns, problems, issues, and/or diagnosis that serve as a basis for patient care. The Locum Event Critical Care Paramedic will be required to work on flexible shift basis for the duration of the event. It is likely that they will be assigned to a specific event location, but may be reassigned as the event progresses.  Further, the duties of a Locum Event Critical Care Paramedic are delivered in an out of hospital environment related to the cover of events. Candidates should be comfortable conducting their duties in such a temporary/out of hospital environment.


Education / Qualifications Required

One of the following:

  • Advanced, National or Postgraduate University Diploma of Paramedical Science or equivalent
  • National Diploma: Emergency Medical Care or National Diploma: Ambulance and Emergency Care and registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa
  • Bachelor’s Degree Technologies Degree: Emergency Medical Care and registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as an Emergency Care Practitioner
  • Intensive Care Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic as recognized by a state or national body. North American Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (NREMT-P) or equivalent registration plus either Critical Care Transport or Flight Paramedic Certificate
  • A qualification within UK leading to registration with Health and Care Professions Council-UK as paramedic PLUS Diploma in Immediate Medical Care from the RCS Edinburgh.


Experience Required

  • Minimum of 2 years experience working in Critical Care setting in one of the following countries: South Africa, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or United Kingdom
  • Minimum of one episode of clinical practice experience (paid employment or voluntary) in one of the following areas: Public events, Religious events, Cultural events, Sporting tournaments, Music concerts, Political rallies or events, Cruise Ship, Military Environment and Expedition or Similar



Valid and in a good Standing License in current country practicing as a Critical Care Paramedic


Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • To safely respond to emergency calls in the role of the Locum Event Critical Care Paramedic, providing critical care in accordance with approved clinical guidelines and departmental policies and procedures. 
  • To safely move and transport patients from the scene of an incident to a health care facility, or between health care facilities. 
  • At multiple casualty incidents (MCI) and other major incidents undertake clinical triage and scene management until relieved by a more senior clinician. 
  • To provide clinical leadership to Ambulance Paramedics.
  • To provide proactive, clear, and respectful clinical supervision for all Ambulance Paramedics within your team, whilst on duty.
  • Lead and deliver post event feedback for all clinical staff, whilst on duty.  Support team members to engage in personal reflective practice to improve their clinical standards and provision of care. 
  • To independently provide direct patient critical care services, in accordance with the personal capability, experience and knowledge of the post holder. This will include comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic emergency cardiac procedures, the application of a comprehensive critical care medication formulary and the management of critical care patients during transfer.
  • To liaise with partner agencies to ensure the coordinated delivery of emergency medical care to ill or injured patients. 
  • Adhere to Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service (HMCAS) code of conduct, policies, Standing Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG’s)
  • Engages in ethical decision-making with respect to own professional responsibilities or where ethical issues affect healthcare delivery or clinical decision-making.  
  • Practices according to the Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service Code of Professional Conduct.